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Voice & Data communications are now truly Unified.

No longer carried on individual copper pairs, Voice communications are now carried as data packets across an internet connection. ( IP Telephony )

Voicecomm offers IP Telephony in the form of:

  • SIP trunks, that are registered on privately owned IP enabled telephone systems.
  • Cloud / Hosted PBX.

Key features:

  • An Australia-wide delivery service, ensuring all business locations, whether large or small, can be serviced on a single account.
  • Network quality and resiliency, courtesy of our relationships with several Tier 1 carrier providers, like Telstra, Optus, and AAPT.
  • Direct access to the carrier’s systems for fault management, service delivery and adds/moves/changes.
  • A level of customer experience that is simply unmatched in the Australian telecommunications market.
  • A seamless transition to Voicecomm resulting in minimum downtime.
  • Rapid Provisioning

SIP Trunking

SIP is a protocol for making voice calls over a data network, and when combined with IP PBXs and IP VPNs has the ability to transform the way businesses handle telephone calls.
As traditional PBX equipment ages and becomes obsolete, businesses are increasingly seeking new-generation replacements such as IP-enabled PBXs for their telecommunication needs.
SIP Trunking is simply the smartest, most efficient way to connect your business to the public switched telephone network (PTSN).

With SIP trunking organisations may be able to:
• Replace ISDN and analogue telephone lines with a simpler and more cost effective alternative.
• Centralise IP PBXs to reduce equipment and carriage costs, and provide a more consistent experience to end users.
• Converge voice and data networks which may reduce costs and make more efficient use of bandwidth.

Cloud PBX

A new era of Cloud-based technology has arrived: Voicecomm’s CloudPBX platforms provide customers and businesses the functionality of a traditional phone system and a whole lot more; without the hefty capital investment.

Key product features:

  • Voicecomm’s Cloud-based PBX is accessed via a private, secure data connection which enhances the call quality and protects against hacking.
  • Business-grade offering as opposed to a traditional Internet-based HostedPBX.
  • Fully bundled PBX, access, voice services and handset solutions.
  • Reduces capital expenditure and removes maintenance costs.
  • Being Cloud-based, the service can follow you wherever you go.
  • An excellent solution for multi-site businesses.
  • Mobile App integration.
  • Single dial plan across multiple sites.
  • Number retention.
Yealink T46s

YEALINK Devices.
Yealink ranks No.1 in the global market share of IP phones

Inbound Calling Solutions

Make your business number easy to remember with a range of national (13, 1300, and 1800 numbers) and local inbound services, as well as international toll free and global free access 0800 inbound services. Callers can reach you free of charge or at a flat local rate no matter where your business is located.

Phone Systems

Traditional Office PBX and PABX phone systems remain vital in delivering quality communication solutions for customers and businesses of all sizes.

Voicecomm works with local PABX vendors and technicians to fulfil any telephone system requirements.

Vendors we work with include:






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