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Voicecomm offers a broad range of Internet connectivity solutions via its relationship with Australia’s Tier 1 Carriers such as Telstra, Optus, Amcom, AAPT and Vocus.


The National Broadband Network (nbn) is currently being rolled out across Australia and revolutionising the telecommunications industry.
nbn will  is expected to deliver faster internet access speeds, improving business productivity and online capabilities.
Internet connectivity solutions are now being strongly influenced by availability of the NBN and impact on legacy networks.
Voicecomm is a recognized NBN adviser and offers the full range of NBN delivery options. Including:

Traffic Class 4 – TC4 is designed primarily for general internet and standard data services and has the following features:

  • Available across all access technologies.
  • Asymmetrical download and upload speeds
  • A ‘best effort’ service suitable for non-critical business data applications

Traffic Class 2 – TC2 is designed to provide access to high performance data for applications and services that require consistent, predictable download and upload speed requirements – including video conferencing, network traffic over virtual private network (VPN), e-commerce and business-critical cloud services. TC2 has been designed to provide access to the following features:

  • A Committed Information Rate (CIR) – designed to help make performance for your data services consistent.
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds – designed to help make interactive applications like video conferencing seamless.
  • Defined latency, jitter and loss characteristics – helping enable a better business grade service.


Voicecomms Layer 3 Symmetrical Fibre based product is ideal for businesses that are looking for a high speed symmetrical direct connection to the Internet.

It delivers a range of bandwidth options from 10 Mbits to 1000 Mbits and is available with a number of carrier options: Telstra, Optus, TPG, and Vocus.

Features include:

Better application performance

  • Symmetrical Internet access means that applications that require high performance connectivity in terms of both upload and download can now be supported
  • More than 80% of organisations use cloud-based applications of one form or another. Fibre is the ideal connectivity solution to ensure that these applications perform at the highest level.

Low latency
Improved latency performance over traditional copper-based services, enabling:

  • Better voice quality for VoIP users
  • Enable moving of high performance applications to the cloud
  • Download large files without disruption
  • Improved collaboration between employees

Highly reliable

  • High Service Availability of up to 99.95% (depending on carrier) means that customers can rely on their Internet service – ideal for business-critical services such as telephony.
  • High performance service levels targets
Fibre Optic Internet

Managed Internet Service

Managed Internet Service provides customers with a fully managed access to the internet that includes:

  • A choice of router options from a low-cost entry-level device for SOHO businesses through to advanced SD-WAN capable devices for larger more advanced businesses
  • A choice of Internet Access options from high speed Consumer NBN through to high speed symmetrical fibre services
  • Wireless backup as standard on Consumer NBN and Fibre based services
  • Customer notifications for Wireless backup fail over in the case that the primary access service experiences a network outage
  • Optional Unified Threat Management which includes Intrusion Protection, Intrusion Prevention, Next Generation Firewalls and User/Application usage reporting
  • Optional SD-WAN which enables the implementation of sophisticated network configurations quickly and securely.

Key customer benefits of the Managed Internet Service offering include:

  • Proactive Management and backup to keep outages to a minimum
  • Simplified billing
  • Avoid the headaches of network monitoring and maintenance
  • Bundle and save – if the customer also orders a minimum of three Cloud PBX or SIP services
  • Manage Security risks
  • Leverage the power of SD-WAN

Full management with predictable fixed cost

Cisco Meraki MX64W
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