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Cost effective, secure and future proof, no more hardware maintenance, obsolete equipment or expensive servers required.

Voicecomm can provide a huge range of Cloud based solutions – have a chat with us about what makes sense for your business.

Hosted PBX

A new era of Cloud-based technology has arrived: Voicecomm’s CloudPBX platform provides businesses with the functionality and technology of a traditional phone system without the hefty capital investment.

Voicecomm’s Cloud-based PABX is accessed via a private, secure data connection which enhances the call quality and protects against hacking.
Business-grade offering as opposed to a traditional Internet-based HostedPBX.
Fully bundled PBX, access, voice services and handset solutions.
Reduces capital expenditure and removes maintenance costs.
Being Cloud-based, the service can follow you wherever you go.
An excellent solution for multi-site businesses.
All traditional phone system features packaged into one simple monthly price.

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